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Greensboro International Football Club is a community soccer program dedicated to providing a positive soccer environment to children in the Piedmont area and surrounding communities. Several talented children and young adults can not afford to play in the local recreation leagues, on travel teams or even on an organized team in the Piedmont area, especially in Greensboro. As a result, most of these kids end up giving up on soccer and, in some cases, take the wrong path in life. Greensboro International FC will work with families including recently settled refugees, low income families and young people that love the game of FOOTBALL/SOCCER. We put the player first.



The mission of Greensboro International Football Club is to educate, develop and provide an opportunity for young men and women through the sport of soccer in Greensboro, NC, with a special focus on undeserved communities. 

Our goal is to enhance the lives of young people living in Greensboro's communities through soccer and activities that are rooted in fun, educational and ethical principles. Through our program, we hope to give our players the discipline, knowledge and opportunities to be successful in their adult lives and play at the highest level of the game.

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